Great Stuart Street


Common Owners


New Town, Edinburgh


circa £120,000

Brief and Response

The owners of this tenemental property in Edinburgh's New Town approached GLM following water ingress in to the top floor flat. They initially commissioned a Shared Repairs survey of the building to provide a full report on the condition of the building and identify any areas that required attention. The survey identified several areas requiring works and the common owners once again turned to GLM for

advice. GLM assisted the owners to with a conservation grant application to EWHT using the specialist knowledge of David Gibbon as a conservation accredited surveyor. Due to the nature of the property, its location and the works required the project was eligible for grant funding which EWHT made available. GLM worked alongside the common owners, appointing James Breck Ltd to carry out the

majority of the works. Works were undertaken in accordance with the EWHT conditions using mostly traditional materials and techniques while also utilising more modern solutions to prolong the longevity of repairs. On the roof, where slates lay previously at too low a pitch allowing wind driven water penetration to roof space the slated roof was replaced by a lead covering by D. Blake & Co.