Oakvale Funeral Home


William Purves Funeral Directors





Brief and Response

Oakvale Funeral Home, situated in Marchmont, Edinburgh is the head office of the long established and family run firm of William Purves Funeral Directors. The original Victorian building was linked to a 1970s addition by means of a single-storey glazed walkway. When the initial brief to install a lift into the 1970s building proved unworkable

GLM suggested instead the creation of a new link building. This not only met the client’s logistical needs but also improved the building visually whilst complementing the character of the existing buildings. The shape of the roof responds to the window positions on both buildings, rising up to the Victorian building and creating an overhang to provide weather

protection when loading the funeral fleet. High level glazing responds to the need for privacy while providing light to the space. The design brings unity and functionality to these diverse buildings. Contractor : Prime Property Ventures Photo Credit : Square Foot Media


"From the start of the project to completion I have been really impressed with GLM. We had an initial idea for what work we would like to do, but GLM suggested something which was far better and not something we had considered at all. The final build has added real value in terms of our working practices, and I and the whole team are so happy with the end result. I think it is fair to say that without GLM’s involvement we would have had something inferior and not of as much value from a working prospect. Thank you to the team at GLM for their help throughout the whole process. I would strongly recommend them to anyone considering a building project. "

Tim Purves, Director William Purves Funeral Directors