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Islay House


Islay House Ltd.


Isle of Islay


circa £1,000,000

Brief and Response

Islay House is a splendid mansion on the Island of Islay. The main block dates from 1680 but it has been altered and added to over the years, most notably by William Playfair in 1841-5. It was put up for sale in the early part of the recession and languished on the market. Our London based but originally American client realised that this very special property had huge potential as a highly specialised hotel, provided that its essential character

as a country house could be retained. He came to us after having recognised that boring practicalities like fire precautions and their interaction with Listed Building consent, water supplies, drainage etc represented a minefield of obstacles to his dream. He had to have an experienced design team to support him. We were able to demonstrate our very strong track record in steering projects like this.

Working in close collaboration with Taylor and Fraser who performed the role of Main Contractor for the Inveraray Castle project, and by dint of steady concentrated effort, we are slowly but surely clearing a safe pathway towards the end objective of a fabulous hotel.