We are GLM: Kristi Greer

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We are GLM: Kristi Greer

Kristi brings an eye for detail and a calm demeanour to the GLM design team. She joined GLM in Summer 2014 as an architectural assistant and since then has made her mark with her inspired designs and technical expertise. In this fascinating interview, see what influences and motivates Kristi as she works towards becoming a chartered architect.


You are an architectural assistant with GLM – why did you choose to pursue architecture?

I’m a creative individual so I wanted to seek out a profession that required me to be utilize my artistic sensibilities. Architecture not only requires me to think critically and develop innovative solutions for my clients, but allows for personal expression as well so it suited me. It’s a constantly evolving profession from materials and construction methods to periods and styles so I’m always learning something new and growing in this field.

What influences and/or inspires you?

I’m originally from Elgin so my approach to design is influenced by Scottish vernacular and traditional forms. I’m also inspired by materials and crafts at the forefront of design and intricate details like light and shade. I try to look to the senses when I need inspiration by investigating how people perceive buildings not just visually, but through sound, smell and touch.

How do you approach your projects?

I’ve really come to value my interactions with clients because it enables me to understand their needs and requirements. I can then conceive a design and explore possibilities that are unique to the individual. I generally like to approach projects as a blank slate and then once I sit down with the client, the design process can really start.

You work on a variety of different types of projects for GLM ranging in scale and value. What kind of projects excite you the most and why?

I like a challenge, so working with existing buildings and buildings of historic significance really excites me. In conservation work, you need to understand the history, periods of development and change, and the materials which constitute the building fabric to get the full picture. Each day at GLM brings potential for a history lesson! I like to investigate how alterations can improve performance and accommodate modern functions in these existing buildings.

Every artist needs a creative outlet. Do you do anything outside of the GLM office to keep the creative juices flowing?

I love to travel and I find that exploring new places and watching how people respond to the built environment provides a great deal of inspiration that feeds into my work at GLM. I recently visited Barcelona where I made it my mission to see all of Gaudi’s work including the Sagrada Familia – a must see! Even the urban arrangement of Barcelona with its intricate grid pattern blew me away.

What does the future hold for your architectural ambitions?

I am committed to completing my Part III which is the final examination to qualify as an architect. So at the moment, I am very focused on achieving my professional qualification with the support of GLM. Extensive study is ahead with a big exam at the end of the road…wish me luck!