Throwback Thursday – Our First GLM Projects

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Throwback Thursday – Our First GLM Projects

As lockdown continues there is time for reflection. At GLM, the team each headed into the archives. Below we’ve featured some of their most memorable first projects at GLM. They date back to over 20 years ago and represent the broad spectrum of work carried out by our team. Next year is a big birthday for GLM and we’ll be digging up lots from our archives in celebration!

David Johnson, Director

Project : Gardeners Cottage in 1999

David has gone right back to one of his first projects over 20 years ago with Gardener’s Cottage – one of his only projects where the new extension is bigger and more prominent than the original cottage. The extension provided a large open plan kitchen / dining area and drawing room with clear views of the dramatic landscape and setting of the property, a style still popular 20 years on!

Neil Dickson, Senior Building Surveyor

Project : Nunraw Tower in 2016

Neil shares a more recent project in the history of GLM which he continues to be involved in today – Nunraw Tower, his first GLM project and quite unlike anything he had worked on before or since. He reflected “The challenge, ambitious client, unique building, a variety of specialist trades and the GLM Project Team made it a pleasure to be involved with.”

David Ralph, Senior Architect

Project : Roundstonefoot Farm in 2015

Dave brings a love of tourism and rural business to GLM so it’s no surprise that one of his first projects drew on these two things – an addition of a glamping site as part of this farm diversification. Projects come to life with great clients, which we’re lucky to have on many of our projects. On this one, Dave said “the client was inspiring with a true sense of adventure not to mention a cracking site with a cracking name.

Eilidh Walker, Chartered Building Surveyor

Project : Ardnacross, Mull in 2020

As the most recent addition to team GLM, Eilidh’s first project is ongoing and fresh in the memory and currently impacted by the on-going global situation. Eilidh said : “This is my first project, although at a standstill at the moment, I particularly like the use of existing materials such as the large flagstones to be repurposed and used to create the hearth and fireplace for the log burner. The picture shows some of the flagstones being cut to size and used as sills for windows”. We’re looking forward to seeing this one complete once lockdown is lifted.

Sophie McLaren, Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Project : Barrel Cottage in 2019

A special project for Sophie. She said : “Barrel Cottage was not only my first project at GLM but was the first project I got to design as a part one Architectural Assistant. The clients wanted to transform their countryside cottage by adding a modern extension providing more room for an open kitchen and dining space. My favourite thing about the project was the opportunity to work with the clients, developing ideas and making their visions a reality.”

Aythan Lewes, Director

Project : Almondvale Centre, Toilet Refurbishment in 2007

Having joined GLM as a Building Surveyor in training Aythan was clearly assigned the most glamourous projects. He said : “My first job for GLM was the refurbishment of toilets at the Almondvale Shopping Centre in Livingston. Not the most sexy job but brilliant to learn on. Ever since, I’ve had a soft spot for toilet design!” This soft spot was also demonstrated in his recent project at the Lonach Hotel – we shared his favourite pics on Instagram a few months ago, take a look here.

Joanne McClelland, Architect, Associate Director

Project : Hotel Expansion Opportunity, Perthshire in 2018

The perfect caption for this project – ‘Wondering what to put in your forest?’

This was Jo’s first GLM project and sadly, despite a positive pre-app has not yet been taken forward by the clients. When asked what her favourite thing was she said : “The existing landscape led the design concept, finding the potential in an unused site, for secluded holiday accommodation and a spa retreat.

Antonio Cabello, Chartered Building Surveyor, Associate Director

Project : Kinnaird House in 2015

This Perthshire project began shortly after Antonio joined GLM. He said: “After some years being trained by NTS Conservation Surveyors, working for and with them, this was my “debut” on my own £500k conservation project, without a “net” to protect me. A real challenge which was made even more difficult by the fact that I was doing it working for a different team (highly regarded and considered) and I needed to be sure I was up to scratch.” The client, and the team at GLM, are delighted with the outcome of this, restoring and protecting this property for years to come.

Neil McAllister, Architect, Associate Director

Project : Arbuthnott House in 2012

Adapting existing buildings to suit modern lifestyles is a challenge that GLM relishes in. Neil recalls starting work on this project on his very first day as part of team GLM and his favourite part was designing the geometry of a new room to fit existing bookcases – we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Diane Roe, Finance Manager

Project : Cross + Corner in 2015

The Cross + Corner pub, sadly no longer there, was a project by GLM in collaboration with the studio team at NoChintz. Diane said : “This was the project that was a work in progress on the day I started at GLM. I love the sprayed teapots and jugs that added some creative design to the finished traditional look, as always GLM were reusing and adapting in an environmentally positive approach.  An eclectic mix of styles brought together to the finished pub which added character to bring together a cosy welcoming bar, and I long for the days when we can all meet together again in such beautiful spaces.

Kristi Greer, Architect, Associate Director

Project : East Dalcove House in 2015

Sometimes, although not often, we design projects that are sadly rejected at Planning, but we are able to revise the design to create an alternative that still matches the client brief and gains consent. This is one such example, with the original design pictured above, but the project then being delivered with an altered design. Kristi said: “It was the first project where I obtained planning and ran through to site completion. The client wanted something different, albeit we had to simplify because of planning. He was very organised and laid back throughout the process.”

Hannah Lloyd, Marketing Manager, Associate Director

Project : Dunimarle Castle in 2016

Dunimarle Castle was a full refurbishment project carried out by GLM over a number of years from 2010. When Hannah joined in 2016 GLM had an on-going role overseeing the maintenance, upkeep and caretaker at the castle. Over the years, we have seen Dunimarle flourish with it’s newly developed gardens now open seasonally to visitors with tours of the Castle so you can see behind the closed doors of this impressive building and admire the view across to the Forth Bridges from the top of the turret. Find out more here.

Charley Carmichael, Apprentice Building Surveyor

Project : Finnich Malise in 2019

Having joined GLM as a Building Surveying Apprentice after leaving school in 2019, Charley has sought opportunities to learn from some of the leading conservation professionals in Scotland. She recalls her first site visit with David Gibbon to Finnich Malise for a general condition survey – “It was a pleasure to spend time getting to know David Gibbon and learning from one of the best!”

We hope you, like us, have enjoyed this quick canter through the years and around Scotland with some of our GLM projects!