Stone is a wonderful natural material but poor original materials or workmanship, neglect, structural movement or the passage of time can mean that stone buildings need, from time to time, to be carefully repaired.  Many such repair projects have, in the past, been overzealous or have used materials or workmanship that, over time, will give rise to more problems.

GLM is constantly undertaking projects involving the repair and replacement of decayed or leaking stone and the strengthening of weakened elements.  Through observation, study, training and working closely with highly skilled tradesmen, we have built up a body of knowledge and experience.

We give sound advice, not proposing more than is required or less than is necessary.  This often involves exercising a fine professional judgement.

In addition to dealing with straightforward traditional stone masonry we work with specialists in the repair and conservation of carved stone and with experts in the use of proprietary repair mortars which can convincingly restore the appearance of a worn stone building although, not having been subject to the test of time, are generally not recommended to be used other than sparingly on historic buildings.