Say Farewell to Wasted Energy

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Building Surveying

Say Farewell to Wasted Energy

A few days ago I had a wifi control system fitted to my central heating and hotwater system.  It was pretty painless and works well.

hub Ever since the heating system was fitted 3 years ago I had wondered if I was missing a trick, but repeated searches on the internet came up with nothing very convincing.  It was possible to get a wireless thermostat that would allow some remote control over the heating system but a properly packaged system that would control the scheduling of both heating and hotwater was just not available, until now.

receiverBritish Gas have just brought out a product they call Hive Active Heating.  It takes about an hour to fit and costs £199.  It replaces the programmer and provides a connection to the broadband router.  There’s a snazzy wireless room thermostat which doubles as a programmer and the whole lot can be simply managed from an iPhone or iPad app and from a PC or Mac.  You can set the temperature of the thermostat, switch the heating on or off and adjust the schedule for heating or hotwater whenever you like and from wherever you are.


David Gibbon, RICS Conservation Accredited Building Surveyor