RICS welcomes new members to the Profession

Posted by on Sep 27, 2019 in Building Surveying

RICS welcomes new members to the Profession

Its always a special time celebrating success and recent celebrations for the building surveying profession here in Edinburgh included the RICS Scotland annual New Members Reception for recently qualified building surveyors in Scotland. Neil Dickson is the latest GLM team member to be welcomed as a member to RICS. Here’s what he had to say :

2019 has been a big year for me. For the first 6 months I lived as a recluse, studying before and after work and then at weekends as well for good measure. My social life took a major hit but the result was that on 12th June I passed my APC to become a Chartered Building Surveyor, a goal I have set out to achieve since my first day at Northumbria University back in September 2009.

A couple of months later and just as the achievement was starting to sink in, I was invited to the Welcome to the Profession Reception at RICS, Princes Street, Edinburgh.

The event is an opportunity for new members of the RICS to celebrate their new status with family, friends and mentors in the stunning headquarters of RICS Scotland. It also allowed new members to meet and chat with the current Chairman of RICS Scotland, John Edwards and to learn about opportunities within the RICS including the opportunity to become an APC mentor for the next batch of candidates. This is something I’m very keen to be involved in and give something back in the same way my mentors did for me.

The future is bright, and GLM’s 100% pass record across all disciplines remains intact. Time to get back to my social life and keep on the lookout for my next challenge!” 

Neil Dickson BSc (Hons) MRICS

On behalf of the Directors at GLM, Aythan Lewes said: “Neil’s qualification is testament to the enormous amount of hard work he put in over the final three months run-in to his final assessment, as well as a varied career to date which has taken him from the north east of England, to New Zealand and to us here in Scotland. Watching the process, and seeing the continual low pass rate for the Building Surveying pathway, confirms that becoming a Chartered Building Surveyor is still something which requires perseverance, intelligence and experience. With such a high bar to entry it remains the gold standard for technical building professionals in the UK and beyond. I’m happy to welcome Neil into our small select group and am excited to see what he goes on to do next. I’m sure the clients, fellow consultants and contractors who have worked with Neil will wish him the best in the next stage of his career.”

Aythan Lewes BSc (Hons) MRICS

Photography by Steven Parry Donald Photography