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The Storehouse


Natural Retreats


John O' Groats



Brief and Response

In a remarkable transformation, the utilitarian Journey’s End Café at John O' Groats, nestled at the most northerly tip of Scotland is now completely unrecognisable following GLM’s design metamorphosis. Never losing sight of the commercial imperatives, GLM has transformed the existing building into what at first sight

might appear to be an entirely new building. Working hard to promote and support sustainability in the local economy, the Storehouse is a combination of a fully licenced café and a co-operative based shop selling produce and goods from local businesses including Old Pulteney Single Malt

Scotch Whisky, freshly baked bread and speciality cheese. This new establishment has been brilliantly styled by interior designers NoChintz and adds a completely new dimension to the John O’Groats experience.