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Brief and Response

The Scottish Borders School is a small independent school with some boarding facilities. The school is a complex of buildings branching out from the original school master's house with some mid-20th century buildings nearing the end of their useful life. Recently, the school has invested in new high quality office and classroom blocks but unfortunately

they do not have a coherent overall masterplan and circulation across the complex is a little awkward. GLM's involvement has started with a full measured survey. This has provided the school, for the first time, with a complete set of plans of all their buildings. We have gone on to carry out a master-plan/feasibility study looking at how to improve circulation, study

looking at how to improve circulation, create new classrooms, informal teaching areas and music rooms to maximise the space and enhance the school experience. The proposals so far have been well received by the Head and the Governors who are excited about the potential that these planning exercises have revealed.