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Scottish Borders House


Private Residence





Brief and Response

Originally a Free Church manse, this Borders house has been extended and altered over the years. The property was built in the 1840’s with later additions in the 1870’s. A single storey 18th century stone cottage had been extended and now connected with the main brick building via a timber framed entrance. GLM was initially commissioned to carry out a building condition survey of the property. In addition to our standard report, the client was

keen to receive professional advice on potential alterations and an extension to the existing building and for this, our building surveying and architectural team worked together to create a bespoke report and proposal for the client. The brief was to improve the main living areas where the clients spent most of their time. In response, GLM designed a new dining room extension demolishing an intermittently used conservatory which was

replaced with a more substantial thermally efficient space adjoining the kitchen. Works also included the enlargement of the existing garage and internal alterations to the cottage so that it can function as an independent annexe from the main house. Once again we worked with trusted contractor Prime Property Ventures on this residential project.