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Oxford Terrace


Common Owners





Brief and Response

GLM first engaged with the common owners of this Georgian townhouse when they approached our building surveyors in need of a roof report. After discussing the state of the building with a stair representative, it was clear that a full assessment of the common parts was necessary to get a complete picture of the state of the building. The owners commissioned GLM to provide our standard Shared Repairs service,

which includes a survey of the common parts followed by a standard report with recommendations for repair works considered necessary over the next five years. The owners were impressed with the level of detail in the report and appointed GLM to project manage the repairs to the roof. As project managers, GLM produced a detailed specification for the proposed works, issued and oversaw the tender process

on behalf of the owners, oversaw and monitored works on site, chaired fortnightly progress meetings with the contractor and common owners, provided progress reports to the owners on a monthly basis and signed off works upon completion managing issues that arose throughout the rectification period. Thanks to the responsible owners, this beautiful New Town building now has a brand new roof and a secure future.