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Inveraray Castle


Duke and Duchess of Argyll





Brief and Response

Inveraray Castle is the spectacular A-Listed stately home of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll. The magnificent state rooms of the castle are open to the public but a considerable portion of the building is a private residence. The client wanted to convert the attic floor into use as a family accommodation incorporating a new staircase as well as creating nine bathrooms, an additional kitchen and a comprehensive upgrade to the main kitchen.

Lacking a central heating system, the scale of the boiler plant and the configuration of the castle in its designed landscape necessitated the building of a new boiler house 400m from the castle connected by an underground heating main. The estate generates plenty of timber so woodchip fired heating came out on top in an evaluation of the options. Great care was required in the installation of services into this exceptional building.

In the course of the works it became clear that the painted plaster ceilings of Robert Mylne dating from 1773 had been weakened by previous alterations and water damage. The historic plasterwork was carefully reattached to the structure using conservative repair techniques.