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Brief and Response

GLM were appointed by the Belhaven School to report on the condition of an existing stables block used for a mix of staff accommodation, teaching space and storage. We were specifically asked to advise how the building could be refurbished without moving the occupants out and how the space might be better utilised. Our first step was to undertake a detailed building condition survey of the Listed building following

which we tabled a costed and prioritised report and schedule of repairs to the Board of Governors for consideration. Calling upon our extensive experience in the adaptive reuse of heritage constrained buildings, the next stage was to prepare a Feasibility Study combining architectural designs and detailed costings to reorganise the space into a number of self-contained apartments and a family home.

The Board approved both our repair scheme and the conversion proposals and we implemented the works in two phases managing the project within a tight time constraint and, using the summer holiday window, without disruption to the school. As a result, one of the school’s built assets has been sensitively refurbished and its utilisation maximised.