Project Update: New Build Chapel On Scotland’s West Coast

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Architecture, Project Management

Project Update: New Build Chapel On Scotland’s West Coast

In May we brought you a project preview of this exciting new build chapel on the West Coast of Scotland, read this here, and now as the Scottish summer reaches its peak and draws to a close here is a little update on how it is going.

Progress 20160825

The construction is completely traditional with massive stone walls and a stone barrel vault and half-dome built by a master mason experienced in such structures.  The stone is being sourced from the same quarry as was used for the chapels on Iona.  We are collaborating with other crafts people and artists on the furnishings and fittings.

The pictures demonstrate the progress with the massive stones taking time to move in to place however construction is progressing nicely and the architect, Neil McAllister, of GLM was pleased to see the shape and structure coming to life on his recent visit.

Neil commented: “It is great to see the huge stones of this little building beginning to grow out of the ground.  Other than a few modern innovations (like the telehandler), this is a building site that would have looked very familiar to their medieval colleagues.”

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Progress 2 20160525