Manchester and beyond …

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in We Are GLM

Manchester and beyond …

Our diverse range of expertise and remarkable projects has taken us to all parts of the UK and beyond. Journeying in the opposite direction of John O’ Groats, we thought it was about time we featured some of our Manchester work.

The Salut Wine Bar is an exciting new Manchester startup that is in the process of converting a bland retail unit.  But it won’t be bland for long.  GLM are assisting with statutory consents and technical design in support of NoChintz, a Northern Quarter based design firm,  who are applying their magic to the transformation of this space too.  The bar will include a new mezzanine floor and there will be bifold glazed screens in the shop front opening up to external seating when the sun beats down.

As always, the key is to get “the mostest for the leastest”, something the GLM and NoChintz team have a great track record in achieving.

The GLM and NoChintz collaboration continues at another project in Manchester where we are joining two apartments together to form one spectacular home, at Beetham Tower.  In a marked contrast with the stone buildings that form so much of the work of our Edinburgh office it is a joy to be working in the context of modern glass, steel and concrete structure.  The challenge is always the same whether it is a new timber framed building in the north of Scotland, the conversion of a range of listed farm buildings or a radical change to a much more modern building.  It is to produce a design without a hint of compromise, a design that is at least as good, if not better than it would have been had we started with a blank sheet of paper.

We’ve joined BNI Tigers Manchester and are enjoying their structured and determined approach to networking.  Watch this space as GLM seeks out more interesting and challenging projects in Manchester.