Instagram Takeover – Charley Carmichael

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Instagram Takeover – Charley Carmichael

Charley was first to takeover GLM’s Instagram account this year. Below are some of the highlights of her week.

I have been practising for a case study/my apprenticeship story video for Developing the Young Workforce (DYW). DYW aim to better prepare young people for the world of work.

I find that their advice works wonders for young folk such as myself, searching for a deeper understanding of our strengths and how to use them in the workplace. Even offering Government organised sites such as My World of Work to receive free services that help us develop personally and professionally! I am looking forward to further involvement with DYW!

As an apprentice, alongside working with the team at GLM gaining first hand practical experience and knowledge I am also studying at Edinburgh Napier University via block release providing context and structure to the practical elements of learning. A great balance!

During my last block release at Edinburgh Napier, I took a wee trip to Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh (above right). The artistry of weaving dates back centuries and is something I deeply admire. Whilst I was there, I took the opportunity to appreciate a few things about the studios. First of all, I spotted a young man weaving a tapestry and found that we both had something in common; a keen interest for conservation! Whether it be in buildings of various ages OR ancient crafts! Secondly, the building was formally a public baths built in 1885 to improve public health. The first of its kind in Edinburgh!

Since beginning my career in Building Surveying I realised how much I didn’t know about Scottish building construction and how much I didn’t appreciate the beauty of it beforehand. This winter past, I had the opportunity to visit the Isle of Lewis & Harris. I visited the Blackhouse Village, a small cluster of low level croft cottages with thick thatched roofs and double drystone walls built to withstand Hebridean weather. It truly was like stepping back in time!

As a young apprentice, I am grateful to be surrounded by passionate professionals in my workplace who strive to protect Scotland’s rich heritage and continue to share their words of wisdom to all ages. Speaking of which, to the right is a wee shot my slate-mad colleague Antonio took during a site visit a couple months ago!

Being a Graduate Apprentice, I have had multiple opportunities to experience working life as a Building Surveyor. From site visits to observing client meetings, it has been a great opportunity to truly learn. I couldn’t stress enough how important it is that young people shouldn’t just learn to relay from slideshows with bullet point information. That is why I want to continue to inspire others to research the Graduate Apprenticeship scheme further, or any apprenticeship. Even internships, work experience during school.

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!

My wonderful mentor, Aythan Lewes, has taken me on multiple site visits throughout the last several months with GLM, many of which include some incredible views! Aythan has been a great person to learn from in many ways as an apprentice. He has taught me how to correspond with clients and other working professionals in the industry and given many lessons on Edinburgh’s magical mix of construction history! A truly inspiring person to look up to.

On a chilly site visit up near Fort William, we loved having a ‘cuppa’ and a chat with our clients. It’s great for me to experience that side of working with people and developing my communication skills. It’s easy to become nervous when you are fresh out of school and your last big social moment was day one of first year… I’d like to thank any clients who have conversed with me over email or in person and have been very warm and friendly! It’s also nice to have a wee laugh on the job!

Throughout my six years at senior school, I was often asked what subjects did I need to take in order to get into a university course. What grades did I have to achieve through Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher to be accepted into a course… Personally, university didn’t interest me as much as it did to others. I chose a variety of subjects I enjoyed, and performed well in them. In fifth and sixth year the pressure mounted to apply for university or I ‘wouldn’t have a career path to start on’. But you see, I am a kinesthetic learner and always knew an apprenticeship would give me the right balance in practical learning and formal education. I could and would achieve just as much if not more than my peers. I believe it’s important for us to educate ourselves of the multiple career paths available and how we get started. I hope we continue to pass on our knowledge to ignite interest in young folk who don’t necessarily want to solely follow the university route!
Soon I will be writing a blog about the Graduate Apprenticeship scheme, I’d love if you could keep an eye out for it coming to the GLM website!

In the photo below, is that a completely obliterated timber sash and case window in a listed building?! Well I guess we can let them off seen as it was part of the filming for Fast & Furious 9! I really appreciate my job for its mix of office and site based work. These shots were taken as I walked back to the office after a survey in late summer; the sun was shining and there was a real buzz of excitement around Edinburgh. I can’t wait to see how they will showcase our beautiful city for the world to see. Even though I have the joy of getting to work all around Scotland, I do love admiring our home town!

On my final day on the GLM Instagram Takeover I thought I shared a cool shot from my visit to Westminster Abbey at New Year. We queued for two hours in the on and off rain but it was all worth it in the end. I absolutely loved every detail of the vaulted ceilings, intricately painted or carved tombs and the stained glass windows. What an amazing place to visit.

Some of our followers may know that in 2017 I began working for GLM as an Admin Assistant whilst on my school holidays. During this time, I had the chance to learn about the different professions within the company and the passion the team have for the built environment. .
I’d like to speak about how GLM shaped my decision to come back as a Graduate Apprentice Building Surveyor. First of all, they welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to speak with confidence (something I didn’t have much of). Secondly, they had me sit in our weekly CPDs and listen to presentations, a great opportunity to learn more about the industry! Although I was only a helping admin girl, GLM still wanted me to get involved in their work. Throughout those holidays, my interest in the construction industry bloomed and I left knowing I’d always be welcomed back… Because of my positive experience at GLM I was inspired enough to look into the GA Scheme and called Ian McKee in February 2019.

From that phone call alone Ian encouraged me to go for it. That GLM would happily take me under their wing and mentor an apprentice. Fast forward to August that year and I began my journey with them to becoming a Building Surveyor. .
To companies out there looking for young talent, I ask you to run an experience day at your office or reach out to schools for kids wanting work experience. It doesn’t have to happen often but you never know who is out there looking to work for a company like yours! Inspire the future and get involved!