GLM deliver state of the art riding school for Olympic show jumper

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Building Surveying, Project Management

GLM deliver state of the art riding school for Olympic show jumper

Craig Mattocks at GLM was initially appointed as the CDM Coordinator for this project; tasked with ensuring the Client complied with important health and safety regulations (Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007) throughout the construction of the new equestrian facility. However, when former Olympic show jumper, Ian Stark OBE and his wife, Jenny, came to us and laid out their vision of building a premier equestrian centre on their farm in the Scottish Borders it was clear that further consultancy input would be required.

Jenny had been operating a riding school at the nearby Dryden Riding Centre for forty years and was eager to expand to a larger, more specialized building capable of hosting major events and competitions in addition to the usual riding lessons. What started out as a CDM Coordinator appointment for GLM quickly developed into a full Employer’s Representative role as we were asked to review and fine tune the initial design proposals and ultimately take over managing the delivery of the new facility.

After working closely with Ian and Jenny to determine exactly what they wanted out of the building, GLM met with the architect and contractor to revise the proposal and establish a formal Design & Build contract; this ensuring all parties were suitably protected from the typical risks associated with development and ensuring funders were suitably represented. Throughout the construction process GLM ensured that the contractor’s designs were compliant and meeting the Client’s requirements. Variations arising were agreed and finances closely controlled. In places the specification was enhanced by GLM; such as the strengthening of the roof to ensure it could support future installation of PV panels.

This 60 x 35 metre, state of the art riding school is now in its final commissioning stage although has been in operation since November 2013.  Located in the heart of the Scottish Borders, the centre is now home to over 40 horses and ponies and hosts lessons 7 days a week for the general public and the Riding for the Disabled Association. For more information on the Ian Stark Equestrian Centre, please click here.

Photography © Ian and Jenny Stark.