Energy Efficient Scotland

Posted by on Oct 25, 2018 in Building Surveying

Energy Efficient Scotland

Back in May this year, the Scottish Government launched the Route Map and consultation on Energy Efficient Scotland (EES).

The consultation proposed a range of measures which are designed to improve energy efficiency in Scotland’s building stock and to meet the Scottish Government’s key policy aims of eradicating fuel poverty and meeting decarbonisation targets.

So, how might you or your business be affected?

Owner Occupier

Expect measures designed to ensure that your home achieves an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least Band C by 2040.

These measures are likely to start as encouraging measures (low cost loans or grant funding for energy efficiency home improvements) but may progress into mandatory targets. So, if it is technically feasible and cost effective, you might be required to make home improvements – something which the Route Map estimates will cost the average dwelling up to £3,500.

Tenant or Private Landlord

Landlords of privately rented homes will be expected to achieve an EPC rating of Band E from 2022, Band D from 2025 and Band C from 2030. The suggested measures for implementation are the application of these minimum standards at the point of rental from 2025 and in all private rented properties by 2030, with financial penalties for non-compliance.

Social Housing

The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing introduced in 2014 already set a minimum EPC rating of C or D (depending on building type) for social houses. A new milestone is proposed for such properties to achieve EPC B by 2032.

Commercial Buildings

Non-domestic buildings such as offices, shops, leisure centres, factories and industrial units will be affected by new non-domestic sector requirements. The intention is to cover all buildings by energy efficiency regulation by 2040.

The consultation is now closed and the Scottish Government are currently analysing responses. A formal report is expected to be published early next year.

The outcome of the consultation is likely to cause some property owners worry, particularly in rural communities with older traditional properties and a lack of access to gas.

Should you wish to discuss any questions raised in this blog series in more detail or need assistance with improving the energy efficiency of your property, please get in touch: or 0131 225 4235.

Liam Ireland

Chartered Building Surveyor

Look out from further updates from Liam as the Scottish Government progress and the report is published early next year.