Designing Grandly

Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Architecture

Designing Grandly

Since April 1999 Kevin McCloud has been in the forefront of a cultural revolution in the UK which has created a generation of people whose minds have been expanded about the possibilities of building design.  This has produced a highly informed, creative and ambitious generation of home improvers and self-builders.

Grand designers have had mixed experiences.  Most have been delighted with their ultimate creations but many have been tested nearly to destruction by the process.  The construction costs quoted on the program take no account of the time and effort expended by the owners.  Many of the grand designers have demonstrated extraordinary design ability with, apparently, very little input from professional designers.

Kevin McCloud has not only entertained us, he has educated us too.  He has drawn our attention to good and great design, ingenious problem solving and superb execution.

There is, however, a big BUT

Not every would-be grand designer has innate design skill and not everyone can spare the time or the energy to devote themselves to a year or five’s worth of nerve-wracking engagement with the construction industry.

In between the talented and sometimes crazy few who have the skill and the energy to do it all themselves and those who are content to buy or live in someone else’s creation, are all those who want to make something of their own but need varying amounts of help with the process.

If you choose to work with GLM we will provide a service tailored to your needs from some initial feasibility advice, development and formalisation of your brief, outline designs, budget costs, developing the design to the point at which statutory consents can be obtained and developing the design to the point at which contractors can be appointed.  From this point onwards we can either perform the role of your “contract administrator” through to completion of the project, or in some cases we can provide an on-site construction manager or we can provide you with advice and support as required as you run your own project.

Why come to GLM?

  •  in depth understanding of traditional building construction
  •  advanced knowledge of conservation and repair techniques
  •  inspired design bridging contemporary and traditional aspirations
  •  committed approach to green, low carbon technologies
  •  informed and strategic approach to the statutory consent process
  •  independent and trustworthy advice
  •  realistic project budgets
  •  a flexible, fair and robust approach to building procurement ranging from supporting self-build, to construction management, to traditionally tendered and managed projects

– David Gibbon, RICS Conservation Accredited Building Surveyor