Cash for Conservation – a building surveyor’s perspective

Posted by on May 11, 2018 in Building Surveying

Cash for Conservation – a building surveyor’s perspective

The Common Owners of heritage buildings often find the prospect of major repairs daunting.  GLM’s experience and tailor-made “Shared Repairs” service supports them all the way.

During my time at GLM I have been involved in a number of shared repair projects as well as projects involving listed buildings. When the two come together it can be an extremely interesting and rewarding and can open the doors to possible grant funding.  Grant funding inevitably comes with strings attached, incentivising the owners to undertake high quality repairs.

Currently, I am involved in two grant aided projects, one in Perth partially funded by the Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust and another in Edinburgh aided by the Edinburgh World Heritage.  Both projects involve the repair and maintenance of a listed building under common ownership and the grant conditions have significantly influenced the scope of the work.

Works currently underway at the grant aided project in the heart of the Moray Estate, Edinburgh

Both projects include repairs to roofs and external walls as well as the reinstatement of cast iron elements such as downpipes and decorative railings, with all work being undertaken in a traditional manner by skilled tradesmen.

GLM meeting with the owners, grant funders and local councillors on site in Perth.

The grants, or other sources of funding, available to a project will depend on a number of factors such as location, type of building and the proposed scope of work. This type of grant funding will require the involvement of conservation accredited professionals which GLM provides.  The service includes initial surveys, advice on potential grant eligibility, the development of a conservation strategy, contractor selection, tendering the work, obtaining statutory consents where applicable, the oversight of work on site and working closely with the grant funding body.

If you and your neighbours are interested in discussing a possible project, on a listed building or not, we would be more than happy to discuss how we might help and your possible eligibility for grant funding.

Daniel Manson

Building Surveyor