Bird’s Eye view of our projects in Caithness

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in We Are GLM

Bird’s Eye view of our projects in Caithness

Vibrant aerial imagery, captured by Scotavia Images, showcases our notable and remarkable projects in Caithness from a perspective we aren’t used to seeing.   Currently onsite at John O’ Groats, we are nearing completion of Phase II of the redevelopment as works are well underway on the JOG hotel and extension.  Just down the road in Wick at the classic Ackergill Tower, we recently delivered Summer Palace, an elegant banquet room designed for weddings and parties at the castle.


GLM’s re-engineered masterplan for Natural Retreats now offers 23 holiday residences, a co-op store & café and a retail and reception area.


GLM’s colourful, Nordic inspired extension to the ageless and iconic John O’ Groats Hotel


Continuing our association dating back to 1987 when we restored and converted the A Listed Castle, GLM have recently converted the long disused stables to sophisticated accommodations as well as designing Summer Palace, an elegant new banquet room to compliment the Tower.


Ackergill Tower, A Listed Castle owned by Clarenco - Amazing Retreats


Last year we conducted a building survey on Huna Mill to determine the viability of converting this mill as a tourist destination. Originally built as a threshing mill in 1750, the mill was then adapted to a corn mill in 1901.