Another Covid Related Blog!?

Posted by on Feb 5, 2021 in Project Management

Another Covid Related Blog!?

Another Covid related blog!? Unfortunately it is yes. But amongst the sometimes bleak times we find ourselves in I think there is a real chance for self-betterment and achieving the goals we have put off for so long.

I remember at the start of the pandemic, I and several others naively thought we would be back working in the office and rubbing shoulders at social events in a mere 12 weeks. How wrong we were! Almost a year on from the start, the industry is far from a full recovery and the social life is limited to Zoom and Whatsapp. We hope the vaccine will spell the end of our problems later this year, but after being burnt before I’m remaining cautious.

In one of the first meetings we had following the outbreak of Covid-19, it was mentioned that we should use our time wisely. The past year, like any other, is one of a finite number in our lives and careers. How many new contacts, exciting projects and events have you missed out on in the past year due to covid? And what have you done instead?

Despite being educated, trained and chartered in the art of Building Surveying my interests and workload have often wandered into the world of Project Management. At GLM, a big proportion of our work is as a lead consultant with many of the skills being transferrable between all disciplines. Managers plan, organise, command, control and co-ordinate. Leaders have vision and interpersonal skills. Project managers need both.

Whilst some of my colleagues have used the past year to gain a long overdue conservation accreditation I turned my attention to a formal PM qualification. Despite gaining experience over the years I have had little formal education on the subject. There are various routes and qualifications that you can study but I am currently in the midst of studying for my PMQ with the final aim of being a full member of the Association of Project Manager later in the year.

It’s never too late to think about how to best spend those lockdown weekends and evenings. I hope its not the case but we could be living with this for even longer than we think, it’s the perfect time to get those long overdue letters after your name. That first drink back in the pubs will taste even sweeter knowing you’ve spent your time wisely!

Neil Dickson

Senior Building Surveyor